“Saving our planet is a communications challenge.”
Sir David Attenborough

What is FWD Message?

Forward Message is a sustainable communication platform for associations, organizations, and companies. It allows you to connect with online ambassadors, your community, and stakeholders.

Communication boost

We provide a new way of communicating for your organization. Boost your communication plan with small, local, and individual networks. Increase your organic reach, go viral, and get real results.

Communication extension

Forward Message provides an add-on to your communication plan. Use it as an alternative to advertising or an extension for your social media campaign. Reach audiences through trusted sources. Find new ways to communicate your message. Every message is moderated and supported by the platform.

A sustainable option

We work with organizations that strive for a better world through social impact. We base ourselves on the 3 pillars of sustainable development, and we give preference to like-minded organizations. That’s why we encourage you to talk about your sustainability goals.

Take a look at our sustainability goals. You can vote for each action with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Let’s get started!