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Get ambassadors to share your message.


Generate views and boost engagement.

Get started on our website and create a personal account. Every organization needs to be represented by an individual. So everyone can participate as an ambassador for other organizations.

Ask people from your organization to join as well. If every organization recruits at least 5 people from within their own network, it will benefit everyone on the platform.

You can post any communication you want. Want to promote an event? Do you have a fundraiser that needs support? Or need to create more awareness on a certain topic? You can share anything on the platform as long as it doesn’t represent a commercial product or service.

Every ambassador will get a list of messages that need their support. And every ambassador can decide which message they want to share with their personal network through social media.

Why should you use ambassadors?

  • Get support from a community you might not be able to reach.
  • Ambassadors work as volunteers. (They work for free!)
  • In contrast to influencers, ambassadors truly believe in your message.
  • Using ambassadors is a sustainable strategy of communication and marketing.
  • The platform expands your reach organically.
  • Your organization page on social media doesn’t have enough reach.
  • Advertising shows your message to a large crowd, but most of them are not even interested in your ad.
  • You can start for free, and use the platform at a low cost.
  • Take advantage of a growing community of organizations and their members.

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