How can I sign up?

We only ask for an email address and password. So signing up on the platform is quick and easy. Go to this page and become an ambassador.

Why is this website in English?

In order to keep this platform under development, we decided to use only English as the main language on this website for the time being. This will make sure we can expand our tools more easily. But we plan to translate the website into more languages in the future.

However, feel free to use any language you want for your communication. For your messages and goals, you can use the language you normally use to communicate. Talk to your fans and followers like you are used to!

Who is behind this platform?

My name is Geert and for more than 15 years I’m working in online and digital communication. I believe we all have to take our part in sustainable development. So I started this platform because I wanted to take action in the best way I can. I want to help others to communicate better, more freely, and with a long-term vision.

What else is on the roadmap?

Forward Message is still in beta. In order to find organizations, ambassadors, and partners, we think it’s best to launch with a small and easy platform.

We are very excited to take this prototype to the next level! So here is a sneak peek of what is on our roadmap.

  • More ways to compose and visualize messages. More images, videos, and more…
  • Connections with partners to enable easier fundraising, volunteer recruiting, event organizing, and more…
  • Better matching of ambassadors with organizations and their communication needs.
  • Using both online as offline ambassador networks.
  • A reward system for ambassadors.
  • Using the knowledge and expertise from the organizations to set up a learning environment.
  • And more…

Can I provide feedback?

Yes, we encourage anyone to contact us with feedback, remarks, or complaints. Please use this page to contact us.

How sustainable is this platform?

Our sustainability approach is based on 3 principles:

  1. We strive to develop this platform with a sustainable approach. This means we signed the Sustainable Web Manifesto, and keep a constant eye on our Website Carbon Calculator. We know that we can always improve on these results, so it is a work in progress.
  2. We believe that technology needs to be more humane. That’s why we take part in a path forward to more humane technology. And implement a non-ad-driven approach.
  3. We also pledge to support 1% for the Planet in the future. And hope to obtain our certificate to prove our working as a benefit or social corporation soon.

Want to know more about our sustainability actions? Take a look at this page and support us!

How is the sustainability page related to the B Impact Assessment tool?

We encourage any organization or business to use the B Impact Assessment tool to measure its impact on its stakeholders. FWD Message does not operate as an alternative or replacement in any way.

We believe that both the SDG Action Manager and the B Impact Assessment can be helpful to your organization to improve its processes. And that your organization can benefit from measuring its goals and actions during the improvement or verification process.

Use the sustainability page of FWD Message to communicate and verify your steps taken, being taken, or planned to be taken. And get valuable feedback from your stakeholders. It’s a direct improvement that can be implemented in your B Impact Assessment.

Can I import my B Impact report?

No, we don’t support an automatic import of your B Impact Assessment performance. However, we encourage you to communicate about it on your sustainability page. You can directly refer to your answers and scores, or use them as reference or proof for your actions and goals on FWD Message.

Have another question? Contact us!