How it works


Get connected to the right ambassadors.


Get ambassadors to share your message.


Generate views and boost engagement.

Get started on our website and create a personal account. Every organization needs to represented by an individual. So everyone can participate as an ambassador for other organizations.

Ask people from your organization to join as well. If every organization recruits at least 5 people from within their own network, it will grow and benefit our ambassador platform!

You can post any communication you want. Want to promote an event? Do you have a fundraiser that needs support? Or need to create more awareness on your topic? You decide what communication you want to share with the public.

Every ambassador will get a list of messages that need their support. And every ambassador can decide which message they want to share with their personal network through social media.

The prototype

Forward Message is still a beta, a prototype, a proof-of-concept. In order to find organizations, ambassadors, and partners, we think it’s best to launch with a simple platform. Everyone is free to use it and post 1 message each month. Take it for a spin, and let us know what you hate or love about it!

Already love our platform and need to spread more messages each month? No problem. We already provide a premium service that will make sure you can post as many messages on the platform as you want. Get in touch and we’ll provide you with the details.

The platform is currently only available in English.

The roadmap

We are very excited to take this prototype to the next level! So here is a sneak peek of what is on our roadmap.

  • More ways to compose and visualize messages. More images, videos, and more…
  • Connections with partners to enable easier fundraising, volunteer recruiting, event organizing, and more…
  • Better matching of ambassadors with organizations and their communication needs.
  • Using both online as offline ambassador networks.
  • A reward system for ambassadors.