Sustainability Goals

“Consumers around the world do want to live more sustainably.”
World Economic Forum

We provide a simple way to list the actions your organization takes to accomplish the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Feedback from the community is easy with our voting system.

We believe that every step you take is valid and sufficient. And while there are many existing labels and certificates to prove contributions to sustainable development, it can be overwhelming to meet the strict rules and guidelines to obtain them.

FWD Message wants to support you in your journey. Your first step is to start talking about your sustainability goals.

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Why use the sustainability page?

We encourage any organization to measure its impact with the B Impact Assessment. It’s a standardized and reliable tool to assess, compare and improve your organization’s impact.

In addition, the sustainability pages on FWD Message can help organizations to verify the actions they take are valuable and adequate by asking for feedback from their stakeholders.

Need inspiration? We collected a few external tools to get you started. You’ll find them on the platform.

You’ll also be a member of our community of changemakers. And you can find other organizations to make meaningful connections, start a partnership, or move to a conversation. Access to our directory is free after registration!

What are the advantages?

  • Take responsibility, get started, and protect your mission.
  • Act now to innovate your own solutions to inevitable regulations set by the government.
  • Get ahead of others and lead the movement.
  • Customers are actively looking for better choices.
  • Your communication will be honest and transparent.
  • Adding your actions to the platform will improve our global fight against greenwashing.
  • You have total control over your communication. And you can manage your sustainability goals easily.
  • Add as many actions as you want. So you can make sure you can cover every aspect of it.
  • Get feedback from your stakeholders, customers, and followers with an easy-to-use voting system.
  • Use this platform to prepare to get your official recognition as a sustainable organization. And see how the community responds to your actions.
  • Use this page as a label of recognition and get faster results than other labels and certificates.
  • Take part in a growing community of sustainable organizations.
  • Attract new talent and engage your employees.
  • Take advantage of link building when your website is added to this platform!

For more information, please read our FAQ.

How does it work?

After your registration, you will be able to list your actions as an individual or as an organization. Add as many actions as you want, tag them with the appropriate SDG or SLG, and provide all the information and proof for your actions.

After paying a yearly fee, you can share your page anywhere you want or upload the label to your webpage. Then ask your community to verify your actions with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down.

You can find an example on our own sustainability page.

Setting up your page only takes a few minutes.
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